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Repair Mail-in Form

    Geek iT™ Mail-in Form

    INSTRUCTIONS: After filling out this page, you'll immediately receive an email with a form to print, sign, date, and include with your device. If not received with device, processing time will be delayed until received.

    What happens when Geek iT™ receives your device?

    • You will be contacted with 24 business hours of receiving your device, excluding Sunday (Eastern Standard Time)

    • Our call will include repair information, shipping options & final cost

      • Diagnostics/review of you device are free of charge

      • Liquid Damage: Devices will be inspected for liquid damage & you will be advised if found.

    • Once repairs & shipping are verbally approved & payment processed then the work will be completed

    • An email notification of shipment will be sent (only shipping options with tracking will be provided)

    • Standard smartphone, tablet & CD/DVD repairs are typically completed same or next day

    • Standard game console repairs are typically completed within 48-72 business hours

      • This includes a minimum 24 hour test period


    Security knowing your device is being sent to a retail business location


    What to do prior & other information:

    • Only ship devices that are on our website repair list. Not sure? Give us a call – we’re happy to help.

    • Back up any data prior to shipment

    • Only send complete devices – for example: phones include back cover, battery, etc.

    • Do not send any accessories, cases, covers, speakers, cords, controllers, etc

    • Make sure both pages of the Mail-In Form are included in your package

    • When shipping your device to us we recommend using a shipper with tracking & insurance

    • For your security, we can only return ship devices to the same address used as your billing address

    • Non-Repairable devices can either be recycled at no cost OR returned for a minimum charge of $12 return shipping fee


    Ship To:


    Geek iT
    12872 Highway 9 North
    Suite 140
    Milton, GA 30004


    Device Information


    Type:TabletSmartphoneGame ConsoleCD/DVD


    Serial Number:

    Smartphones: IMEI or ESN Number: (The IMEI is a 15 digit code. The ESN is an 11 digit code.)

    Describe the repair you are requesting:


    Geek iT™ guarantees & terms:


    Smartphone & Tablet repairs are guaranteed for 120 days. Game Console repairs are guaranteed for 90 days.
    CD/DVD repairs are guaranteed for 30 days.

    If our repair breaks within the guarantee timeframe from the date of repair, we will fix it at no charge. Any damage done to the device is not covered. Geek iT is not responsible for damage beyond the fee charged for the repair. No data recovery is promised in conjunction with any hardware repair. Back up your device before submitting for repair. Geek iT ™ is not responsible for devices shipped to our location until we receive them. Geek iT ™ recommends you use a shipper that provides delivery confirmation. Your repair evaluation is free. Return shipping must be paid to get your device back, whether you choose to complete a repair or not. Any device that is not returned due to lack of payment for repair or shipping will be considered abandoned & become property of Geek iT & recycled. Geek iT will allow no more than 30 days for full payment (repair/shipping) before considering an item abandoned for recycling. It is agreed by You that the equipment you are sending for repair is in a prior damaged state. Not all devices may be repairable due to the type &/or extent of damage. WATER DAMAGE: Water damaged devices are not included in our guarantee. If your device shows water damage it carries no guarantee. Any repair we do may be complicated by water damage which can result in a loss of functionality. Shipping & services are provided within the Continental US.


    Oh No! You dropped it again! No problem, we’ll fix it again at a DISCOUNTED rate!


    "Oops" happens and we understand that. Did you drop or damage your previously repaired device? Did you crack the screen AGAIN? Send the device back to us and we’ll try our best to repair it . If it is repairable we will do so at a discounted rate and also review the entire device to make sure something else wasn’t damaged. Just give us a call for more details.

    Your Name:

    Billing/Mailing Address:(For security we can only return your device to the associated billing address)
    City:   State:   Zip:

    Contact Phone Number:(If sending your phone, please make sure you are not listing the number of the phone being sent)

    Email:(We'll need this to send your mail-in form and return shipment tracking information)

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