• FREE Playstation 3 Diagnostics

  • $69 Playstation 3 Lights Flashing, Yellow Light of Death, Fan, & more

  • $99 Playstation 3 Blue Ray Drive Replacement

  • $29 Playstation 3 Hard Drive Replacement (Excludes Hardware)

  • $29 Playstation 3 Independent Data Transfer


Are you experiencing:

  1. Power Failure

  2. Error Codes

  3. Hardware Failure

  4. Flashing or Blinking Lights

  5. No Picture or Sound

We offer:

  • FREE Diagnostics

  • Flat Rate Pricing

  • 90 Day Warranty

No Repair – No Charge

No Repair – No Charge!
Did you know that approximately 85% of game console issues can be repaired? Our services include Xbox, Wii, Playstation, PSP and more. FREE diagnostics are performed based on your described system issues. The listed repair scenarios are not all inclusive and determination is based on Geek iT diagnostics. If your unit is damaged beyond repair or requires a board replacement the listed flat rate pricing does not apply.

90 Day Warranty